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Joanne Baines
I am looking for some help please...can I purchase the wood piece for 'All is Calm... Lighthouse' through a vendor in Canada?
Thank you...Joanne

Hi Joanne,
I am sorry, I don't believe anyone in Canada is carrying that.
Hugs, Jamie

Such a shame! I feel we are at a slight disadvantage 😊
Thank you for your your work.
Phyllis G
Why would that be?  Valhalla ships to Canada, right?  We here in the US also pay a lot for shipping and that part isn't fun, so I wait and order a lot of items at one time, usually once a year.  That way I'm at least getting more bang for my outrageous post office buck.

Ah Joanne, I'm sorry... we do ship up there, but I am not sure of the shipping costs. (Perhaps as what Phyllis suggests might be an option)....happy painting! (*I think I will see if my friend up in CA might be able to do it... She is a master scroll-saw artist...and I bet she would! I will contact her today and see, and then get back to you on that! Sheila )

Phyllis, thanks! Yes, we do ship up to Canada, but I know how much it is for just an envelope - I can only imagine an oversized box! Your idea is a good one though, wait and do it all at once. *smart. [smile]

Hi Jamie, thank you for looking into it. It is the shipping cost, the exchange and in some cases, the import duty. I know so many people who paint your designs it would be amazing if there was a more local supplier 😊
Oh...and thank you Phyllis for your suggestion!
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