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Barbara Paetzel
How may I receive notification about the box kits that you are now creating?  

I am so sad that you and Don are not planning to be at Creative Painting.  I will miss you and pray that the issues you are dealing with will be resolved.  I love painting your designs.

God bless you both,


Hi Barbara,

We will be having a new box to announce in March - I will post a notice on the front page of my site, no worries. 

Have fun at the Vegas show, we will miss everyone!

Though I am not missing all of the work that goes into the preparation...I am sleeping so good at night and I think my brain is just saying: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......relax a bit....just needed a time-out.

hugs, Jamie 

PS: It is such a pain to have to go through the reCaptcha for every note! What a pain, I understand it is for security, but such an annoyance... :}


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