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Jeri Ann
Hi Jamie,

These "boxes" are just so cool! Love that everything but the paint is in them! I can't imagine what a ton of work they must be. The colors you have used in this Winter Box are just so appealing, the eyes just get taken colors in the Autumn Box were the same, just so appealing, rich and juicy.

Thanks for the extra perks you have allowed!  Awesome!

Take a rest!  Ha!  You are probably wondering what is that?!! Have a wonderful holiday - you and everyone else out in painting land! Always wishing you the best!

[wave] Hugs,  Jeri Ann

Hi Jeri Ann,

Thanks so much for the note on the boxes, I enjoy thinking up all the little details (still working on a few little things I decided to add!) [smile] It is a lot of fun, and I want them to be special.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

hugs, Jamie


I too love these boxes! As Jeri Ann says the colors are just beautiful and so appealing! It creates the kind of anticipation and excitement as Christmas morning does for a child!

I am so excited because I retired on Friday! I plan to do lots more painting in my future and look forward to a new chapter in my life.

Thanks to you and Don for the work you put in to everything you do! It is noticed and very much appreciated!

Happy retirement Debbie! Wow, exciting! [smile] 

I am tickled you like my idea of the boxes!! I just think it offers me so much more leeway for a delivery - like I don't have to worry about the fragility of the designs, (of them making it through the postal system broken! haha) in the Club designs.

*I can put in things that are bulky (my mind is literally zinging with fun things to do in upcoming boxes...mawahahaha...). So, as long as we not going in the red with them, :}, we will keep doing it. My mind has just scratched the surface...I am like a kid in a candy shop thinking of all the things I want to do. FUN, FUN! lol 

Hugs, Jamie

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