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Just a note to let you know that the mailboxes for info@betweenthevines and jamie@betweenthevines are currently being switched to a new server, so we are not getting any mail if you are writing us.

Use the shopping site contact page to write us with any questions, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's a real headache!!

Hugs, Jamie 

Jeri Ann
No worries, Jamie! It is all such a headache at times.  When our devices, computers, and wi-fi are running smoothly the world is wonderful! But oh those glitches! Such a headache!!! Right now I can't print out a thing because I have to fiddle around with my printer, got a new modem with new passwords, etc. And my computer isn't working right, something wrong! A call to the computer elves required. My i-pad has fast become my fave thing! Can't even print out anything from that until I figure out how to change things in my printer. I am seriously thinking of ditching this big computer next year and getting the newer i-pad which does everything I need to keep me hooked up to the world, print stuff out, and a million other wonderful things, like watch painting classes, read books, record notes, take photos, and a million other things. What on earth did we do without these little genies? Sorry for sounding off, but I truly commiserate with you on running your Facebook page, website and everything else you do that requires so much computer work without the stall of "glitches."

I have been sick for a while, nothing major, just has taken the starch out of me and wound up with pneumonia and then caught a virus just when the pneumonia left. Am finally feeling better but am taking it slow. Glad to see this Summer get behind me. Haven't painted for a long, long time. Pulled a couple resin scarecrows out of my stash and finally picked up my paintbrushes. Am using some of your color palettes and designs from older Fall things you have done. I'll post a pic when I am done. My hands get a little shaky when doing fine, smaller work so some things don't look as good as I would like. At least I am painting :0) Fun!

I have noticed there is very, very little interactive activity on this board for a long time. Hmm, maybe I should get on Facebook after all.

All the best to you! Hugs, Jeri Ann
Jeri Ann,

I apologize, just so behind on things...I sure hope you are feeling better...that did not sound good. 

xo, Jamie
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