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Greetings, on this Monday of the Cyber variety... [wink]

We do not have anything ready for today (just too much going on, with trying to get the Frosty box ready to launch) we decided that we can have it happen another day. [cool]

On the good news, yes, we will be doing The Frosty Box...(with all things snow!) and we are knee deep in all that entails.....excited!

Hugs, Jamie

Debbie F
Yeah!! I have been checking your Message Board etc all day.  I love all the years of free tags that you had with a purchase.  A Frosty Box......that's even better.
Can't wait!  Love everything you design and always paint ornaments at Christmas for my family using your designs.

Thanks for always thinking of us painters out here and sharing your wonderful design talent with us!!
Thanks also to Don for all the wonderful wood pieces that are ready to paint-no sanding etc always perfect to match the design!

You two are the best.  Still hoping to retire and travel to a seminar one day to meet you.
Hugs Back
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