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A day late...meant to get on here, then got side-tracked (with oh, little things, like family and the feast...) [wink]
Had a wonderful time with family, and the Thanksgiving feast came together perfectly, so that was awesome. (It’s always nice when things go smoothly, no errors or mess ups) [smile] Phew!

Hope your day was blessed, and that you had a great time with your family.

I am so very thankful for my wonderful painting friends, and that we gather on here (okay, sometimes more often than others...) Thank you for your friendship girls, love ya...

xo, Jamie
Hi Jamie and Anyone Else Reading This!

Yes it is so great when everything goes together smoothly. Those “perfect moments” sure are soul-satisfying or well, maybe ego-satisfying?!! Whatever it sure gives one a lift. My husband and I are celebrating Thanksgiving this Saturday! I have everything cooked and we are going to shut the world out for a day but at least will venture outside to hang up Holiday lights. It is lovely here this weekend with sunny and kind of warm weather, high 50’s maybe 60! Crazy! But we’ll take it!

Time to bring on Christmas!

Hugs, Jeri Ann
I love Thanksgiving celebrations.  Food, family and football.  Life is sure good especially if I get to throw painting into that mix.  With sons home from school I had all five of my kids and my husband around the dinner table all to myself two nights in a row.  It was wonderful!!!

Hope you all had a chance to create happy memories as well.  Now, time to get ready for Christmas.  
Oh...sounds like you girls had a wonderful time...nothing like Thanksgiving time with family... <3 <3 <3
xo Jamie
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