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Phyllis G
I love your new box ideas!  It's refreshing to see something new and different.  I hope to see your other seasons too!  And I love that shipping is included.....


Thanks Phyllis! Something new and fun, I wanted to give it a shot. Hopefully all goes smoothly and Don doesn't want to pull his hair :} 

I am already envisioning my Snowman box collection...and my Valentine's box collection...and my Halloween box collection...and my Santa box, so I am hoping it all comes together...and like I said, that it is not too much on Don. :} If it is, I will just back off on how many I do...I just get a bit too excited... {welp}

Debbie Overton
LOVE!!!! This Harvest Box is such a fun idea!!  I also love that it is free shipping!  Thank you so much for sharing your fun designs and beautifully cut wood.  Looking forward to every one you do!
Getting a fun box in the mail is very exciting too.  After a long and intensive day at work, it is so much better when there is a box of fun to open when you get home.  Thanks, LOVE the scarecrow and turkey!

Debbie and Elaine: Thank you!! Glad you like my idea! [smile]  I thought it sounded fun. I know it will be a lot of work, but, you know, I enjoy every little aspect of the process...and half the fun is that I envision you all opening up your box and be {hopefully!} happy...and stirred to pick up your brushes when you get it! [smile]  

You all make it exciting for me too, lol, your excitement spurs me to want to try out some of the things I think about... [wink]

Hugs, Jamie

(dreaming of my Snowman Box now....and the Valentine's Box...oh my...) [rolleyes]

Debbie F
Hi Jamie and Don,
Repeat on what everyone has said! Love this idea and so looking forward to future themed boxes.  
Exciting to come home from work and have a gift from the two of you!!  
I know the designs will be WONDERFUL!!!
Thank you -I know this will be a lot of work for you.
I am in for any you do.
Take Care,
Placed my order and anxiously waiting to get it! Love the scarecrow! He has such a cute face, adorable.  Of course, I'd expect nothing less, all your faces are too cute! Can't wait to see the SNOWMAN box, your snowmen have to be my favorite. But then too, I have so many favorites. LOL. So happy to see you on the message board, been a while. Tell Mr. Don hello and hope he's not too stressed with all the orders! Impatiently waiting for VEGAS, so ready to go! Take care and hugs to you my friend.
Debbie F and Joanie-IN;

Thank you both! We are just mailing out our first wave of orders....(we were not quite prepared for it to be so popular, so we had to order in more supplies, make more of everything -get all our pumpkins in a and we have been in production mode since the announcement! PHEW!

Still a couple more days of packaging, then we can breathe! But I have to tell you, it has been very satisfying to know my idea to do this was so well received....also, each and every box was packed, with love, by ME! [smile] I am so blessed to have a wonderful following that enjoys my creations...and Mr. Don was a good sport to go along with my vision. (I had wanted to get started on it around Oct 1, but it took me this long to convince him

I think the nice thing about these, is that we are not under any stress (like the obligation of a monthly club)...and we can have them whenever we decide throughout the year. As few, or as is extra work for Mr. Don, so I don’t want to push I do have a few visions I would like to do, but not in a big hurry... so you will just be surprised when we do one. Lol *Though if things go smoothly with this first process, it will greatly affect the following, to be determined....

I will tell Mr.Don that you say hello Joanie....but dear, I hate to tell you that we have backed out of going to LV this next year...we both decided we needed a break from it. :/

Debbie, thank you again for your is appreciated!
Hugs....and back to packing!!!
Debbie Overton
The Thankful Turkey Sitter (depending on the size) would make an adorable place holder for Thanksgiving Dinner.  They could be personalized!!!!  If they are a little bigger they could be given to each family.  Or if you are lucky enough to be going to someone else's house they would make a great hostess gift.   I LOVE it...all of them!
Neat idea Debbie! That would look lovely...(I want pictures!) [wink] 
Suzanne K.
I was soooo excited to get my Harvest Box on Saturday.  I had nothing planned and even if I did it would be canceled because I took that awesome box downstairs into my craft area and opened it up and started to paint.  I had started the Windmill that I recently received from you and put it aside to paint the turkey...  I spent hours upon hours down there in my painting area and enjoyed every second and dreaded Monday having to go to work as I would much rather be there painting.  I finished the Turkey and posted it on Instagram and I started the Harvest Scarecrow.  Please I cannot wait to get another box like that!!!

Thank you soooo much Jaime...  [wave]
I just got my harvest box and absolutely love the projects! And you were right, Jamie -they were packed with love. So many little touches. So easy to see you love the whole process. The patterns are beautiful, the scarecrow line drawing on vellum (?) is really nice. Nice step pictures too.

Excited to see what the next one will be but take your time 😎

Hugs, Jeri Ann

Suzanne: Thank you so much for that visual, made me smile...I am happy that you enjoyed painting the turkey and have fun with the scarecrow. You can post images here too, by the way, would love to see..if you want to share. [smile]

JeriAnn: Thank you, I am glad you liked it and noticed the little details. <3 Yes, I thought vellum would make it quicker to get going on it, eliminate tracing the pattern as I didn't etch too much. [wink]

Hugs, Jamie 

Debbie F
Hi Jamie and Don,
Harvest box is so much more wonderful in person!!  Love that the stencil and screening are included!!  Love, love ,love that you copied on vellum.. I have been doing that step for a few years to save precious time.  Now you saved me that step.
Can't wait for the next one.
Happy Fall to the two of you!!!

I am so glad that you like the box of goodies, we had fun putting it together; okay, I had the most fun, Don was slower to warm to the idea. lol [wink]

We are thinking of the concept for the Winter/Snowman while we are on vacation (heading to Hawaii...our first bon-a-fide vacation ever), we will discuss and I will get ready to get it together (and now, we have an idea of how many to possibly have ready).

The price will have to go up a bit, because the shipping ending up taking a good chunk of the cost. (I chose the price before we even had one completely ready to go...otherwise I would have all of you who got the box, got an *awesome* deal!) I still want it to be a great deal, but hello, we need to make it worth our while...or my dear~heart will not want to do it...he bit his tongue through this one. :} lol But he is a good sport, thankfully...and I was so excited to do, I think it was contagious. 

Anyway, enjoy your Harvest Boxes...and I will think of you painting happily, as I am sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand... [tongue]

Hugs, Jamie

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