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Greetings to whomever is reading this! 😉

Just a little information regarding the board, (and I don't think this will come as a surprise! lol) but due to lack of activity I will be discontinuing the board when it comes up for renewal (I believe that is in May/June). 

I want to thank you all for your participation of the board, but with all of the social media platforms out there available, I think it is not going to be missed too much. [wink]

It has been a wonderful place to meet friends, gather information and/or to share excitement of a new project, technique or class.

Much love goes out to each of you...and thank you again for logging in here over the last 12 years! <3

xoxo, Jamie 
Hi Jamie!  Sorry to hear of the Message Board closing shop!  I don't participate in ANY
social media platforms so I will miss the board and "new" news.  It is true that not too many folks are using this now so it does make sense.  
BTW do you remember the Resin tall angels that hold a tea light?  I have a bunch of them and really probably will never paint them.  They are unavailable now so someone out there may be interested.
Take care of yourself and maybe while passing through Myrtle Creek I stop by and say Hi!    Love, JuneBug from Bend
Hi Jamie,

I have been a loyal snooper of the message board, and miss the days of reaching out to you and other members for tips and sharing projects. Just seemed more personal.  Times have changed and it makes sense not to renew. I know that there other means but I have chosen not to put myself out there on social media. 

Thank You Jamie,  You always inspire me with each and every design and always look forward to the next. 

Big Hugs!!



I will miss it too.  You all are wonderful to talk to about my favorite subject - painting (especially Jamie's amazing designs).  I shall miss you all.  
Jeri Ann Cook
Hi Everyone!

I will miss ALL of you, have loved reading whatever everyone posted over the years, all the painting projects shared and stories too.  It was a very fun thing but, alas, times have changed and continue to change and this Board as we all know, "just ain't what it used to be."

Thank you so much, Jamie, for keeping this Board going for longer than it should have, for us social media-challenged folks. I don't think there are many of us any more (social media-challenged that is). Last year I took a class on "how to" do Facebook and it was mostly the over-65 group there (oops my age is showing) lol - ok so I'm 68 years young! Most of them were already on Facebook, just wanted to get help with the finer details. After hearing how so many of them had been hacked, I just backed off.  I did join Instagram but never went back. I should work on being more active on that!

WOW Jamie, gotta say your seminar angel is just gorgeous! Drool-worthy stuff.  I have a couple of those wire winged angels too and I sure could imagine painting that design on one of them! Well now I will have to wait for a while until the packet becomes available and that is ok! I have a few irons in the fire myself and would like to get your Spring box done!

So thanks from the heart, dear lady, for all the extra "heart-felt" effort you put into EVERYTHING!!!  Just this morning I sat down with my morning tea (Earl Grey w/cream & Stevia) and looked through ALL of your books, my collected pattern packets and magazine pattern clippings.  You are so amazing! I was wondering how it must feel to look around you at this point and fully realize "Hey, I have created ALL this!"  How wonderful! You have lived your life so well I know the angels are always singing around you! In spite of huge emotional crises and traumatic life events you have always listened to your heart. Bless you!

Ok, it is hard for me to say "good bye" to everyone! Sniff-sniff

Maybe I will bump into some of you through Instagram!

Love and hugs, my friends!

Jeri Ann

Hi ladies...thank you all for your little notes. 

Junebug: Ahhh....I understand...(and after reading just a couple of these notes, it is making me rethink turning it off...) I just would need to take the time to pop in here more often...and try to keep you all posting! lol <wink/grin> I hope someone reads your note about the angels, and that you have a few to is a sweet and easy angel to paint up - they would be great sellers at a craft fair (imo). ♥

Stephanie: Thanks for letting me know, and it has been nice. It def is more personal, I just would have to get in 

Elaine: (I started this note a couple days ago, yesterday I did not wake up my pc at all - doing other things - so am in here, bound and determined to respond to you It has been wonderful connecting with you too Elaine, and thank you for the sweet notes. 

JeriAnn: (Ah, you have a way with words, your notes do uplift me!) Thank you also for the sweet note, and I am so glad you like what I have hatching with my angels...I am having a lot of fun designing them! Yes, they could be adapted onto most any surface! So happy my books bring you joy...yes, it is amazing that it I have been designing/painting this long; I would never have guessed that this would be my life's path... 

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