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Hello! Could someone please provide me with the correct email address to contact Jamie? The btv email address is the one I believe she has asked we don't use if we have business about an order. Thanks so much!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Just got my Spring box in the mail today. What a sweet box! Love the patterns and colors, all the little details. Thanks so much Jamie! Even though I love each box as it gets delivered, always have a little anticipation and excitement wondering what the next one will be!
Hi JeriAnn!

I’m sorry! I space off coming in here and checking strange! It used to be where I came in a few times a day, now I go days and it doesn’t cross my mind. (Sad face)

Maybe because it is not hopping anymore like it used to (and that’s probably my fault!). I love Instagram, and Twitter, and of course Facebook. I don’t get on my PC as much, since getting the iPad. (Its Apple’s fault!).

I think perhaps i had better set notifications when I have new messages come in here...that might help. I will try to rejuvenate it...and if not, I may think about not renewing the subscription for it. I’m not really sure how many people read it anymore. Maybe I should do a

A good email to contact me is, or, or via the shopping site too...did I miss a message from you? If so, I’m sorry.

Thank you so much for the nice words about the Spring Box, I put a lot of thought into every aspect...and I am glad it is apparent. (Phew!)

Hugs, Jamie
PS: plus, I really don’t like the security thing (Capcha) you have to go thru to publish a post, lol, such a bother...but I know it’s necessary....sigh. [wink]
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