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Jeri Ann
Hi Jamie and Everyone who is reading this,

I just ordered the surface for Cozy Christmas Cottage and was reading the instructions...on page 43 at the top of the page under "Texture" it says to lay the decorative mesh applied in strips.

Ok, what am I looking for and where can I find it?!!

Hate to bug you with this cuz I know you are busy getting the Frosty box together (can't wait!) so if anyone else can answer this, please let me know.

Thanks so much to all of you!

P.S. Am hoping for an answer so I can have the stuff when my surface arrives or at least shortly after.
For the decorative mesh look I use the drywall tape found in stores like walmart, menards or home depot.  I LOVE this stuff!!!!!
Jeri Ann
Thanks so much Elaine! I thought it was something like that, it just sounded so familiar. I might even have some already. Now I can have everything ready for when my surface gets here. I want so badly to get this one done before Christmas :0)


Jeri Ann
Hi girls! Juggling a few things right now, so nose to the, fun!

Yes, the decorative mesh is just my painterly term for drywall adhesive tape! Love that stuff! I get it at the hardware store. (Always got my eye out to look for odd things to use for dec painting...) We should do a thread sometime on the oddest things one has used for dec painting. Lol

Anyway, it’s past my bedtime...and the older I get, I realllly need my beauty sleep. [wink] [wink] Having fun Working on the Frosty Box, hoping to launch it on Monday, the 4th. Eek! Excited. [smile]

Thx for helping each other out, appreciate that! xo

Hugs, Jamie
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